Imagine your body silently fighting a war

against invaders in every sip of water 

- unseen, unknown, uninvited -

It's time to be your body's ally,

not its adversary.

These Are The Contaminants Detected In the Water

by the Environmental Working Group

See How Your City Water Stacks Up

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City of Evanston


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Town of Mountain View

MtV Arsenic
MtV BA 233
MtV Bthane
MtV Chlor
MtV Dthane
MtV HAA5_2
MtV HAA9_2

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Town of Lyman

Ly Arsenic
Ly Bthane
Ly Chlor
Ly Dthane
Ly DiA2
Ly Tha2
Ly TA_2
Ly Ur_2

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Kemmerer / Diamondville

KD Bthane
KD Chlor
KD Dthane

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City of Green River

GR Bromate 3.3
GR BA 105
GR Bethane 104
GR Chlor 54
GR Chro hex
GR DA 12
GR Dthane 22
GR DiA 48
GR HAA5 204
GR HAA9 369
GR Radium 14
Gr TTHMs 191
GR TA 107
GR Ur 5.9

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City of Rock Springs

RS Bromate 3.3
RS BA 92
RS Bthane 126
RS Chlor 74
RS Chro hex 2.5
RS DA 9.3
RS Dthane 27
RS DiA 43
RS HAA5 202
RS HAA9 456
RS Radium 14
RS TTHMs 258
RS TA 109
RS Ur 5.9

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Just Imagine...

Drinking water that's not just quenching your thirst but also restoring your vitality -
that's the power of pure, fresh water.

But lurking in our taps are unseen adversaries - carcinogens - slowly eating away at our health.

Amidst an increasingly polluted world, we're unwittingly welcoming these toxic agents into our bodies, silently igniting a slow burn of diseases.

The resiliency of your youth is not lost, it's merely shrouded by the unkind nature of our environment.

But it's not too late. By simply using your phone, you can make a decision that paves the way for a healthier life.

Let's discuss how to ensure that clean, pure, and safe drinking water flows from every tap in your home - a simple choice, a monumental impact.

Ready to reclaim the purity you were born with? Find out just how easy it is!

Unveiling the Ease of Home Water Purification:
A Call for Focus & Action!

Discover the Simplicity of Water Purification for your Home 

Just as effortless as flipping a switch, you can drastically improve your home's water supply. 

It's your call to actionyour moment to focus on safeguarding 
your family's health. 

See for yourself - it's easier than you think!

Legal Verses True: The Water Safety Dilemma

Navigating the turbulent waters of water safety standards can leave you feeling lost in a sea of legal jargon and technical terms. When you turn on your tap, the water that flows is "legally safe."

But is it genuinely safe, the kind of purity you'd want for your loved ones? There's a chasm, often unspoken, between these two definitions of safety.

Each sip of water should be a life-affirming experience, not a game of chance with potential pollutants.

"Legally safe" water meets minimum standards, a compromise between health and cost-effectiveness, a mesh designed to catch only the largest threats.

Utility companies do their best and work hard to provide us with legally safe water. 

But if they were to go beyond the legal minimum limits of safety, our water would be astronomically expensive.

But Why?

For utility companies, enhancing the water quality to a level that's beyond just 'legally safe' would require massive infrastructure upgrades and continuous intensive maintenance.

The financial implications of such an undertaking would be staggering, likely leading to significantly higher water bills for consumers.

So what about these smaller, more insidious elements that pass through the legal safety limits?

Although these substances may not show any harmful affects in the short term, over years, may imprint their destructive echo on your well-being.

We're here to bridge the gap between "legally safe" and genuinely pure water.

We aren't satisfied with merely adhering to regulations - we wish to redefine them. Because your health and peace of mind are worth more than the lowest common denominator of safety.

When it comes to your water, "good enough" just isn't good enough.

Why settle for just legally safe when you can ensure the absolute purity of your water, in a more cost effective way than doing it at the utility level?

Join us in the pursuit of uncompromising water safety, and elevate your water experience from legally clean to truly pure.

Because you and your family deserve nothing less than the best.

Start your journey to truly safe water today.

About Water of Life

"Navigating the water world for 25+ years, Water of Life has become Western Wyoming's
water expert. 

Our family business has tirelessly fought both rural and urban water woes—chlorine, hardness, taste, odor, and appliance damage.

And with unrivaled expertise in managing well-water and private water sources, we're dedicated to eradicating water contaminants like iron, sulfur, and other hard water issues from these sources.

Trust us to transform your water quality, because clean, pure water is our specialty and your satisfaction is our commitment.

We're not just a water company; we're your life's allies.

Together, let's gift your family the pure water they deserve.