Arsenic, Chlorine, Calcium, Magnesium and TDS are common water contaminants that you can't see. These can be problematic for you and your household.

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About Water of Life

Navigating the water world for 25+ years, Water of Life has become Western Wyoming's water expert.

Our family business has tirelessly fought both rural and urban water woes — chlorine, hardness, taste, odor, and appliance damage.

And with unrivaled expertise in managing well-water and city water sources, we're dedicated to eradicating water contaminants like iron, sulfur, and other hard water issues from these sources.

Trust us to transform your water quality, because clean, pure water is our specialty and your satisfaction is our commitment.

We're not just a water company; we're your life's allies.

Together, let's gift your family the pure water they deserve.


Man drinking water.

What You Can't See

Filtering your water is essential because of the invisible threats that could be lurking in your seemingly clear tap water. Harmful contaminants like arsenic, heavy metals, bacteria, and chemical residues might be present, even if your water looks, smells, and tastes normal. Therefore, water filtration isn't just about improving taste or eliminating odor - it's about safeguarding your health from what you can't see.

The Best Ice

This is an actual before and after customer photo. Unfiltered water often contains impurities which can cause cloudiness and affect the taste of the ice. By using filtered water for your ice cubes, you're ensuring the purest, crispest ice possible. This not only gives you better looking ice cubes, but also makes your cold beverages taste significantly fresher and more enjoyable. It's the secret to a truly invigorating iced drink experience.

Yucky chlorine water taste

Chlorine Taste

The taste of chlorine in your water can turn every sip into an unpleasant experience, reminiscent of a swimming pool rather than a refreshing drink. But it's more than a matter of taste - consistent intake of chlorinated water can potentially harm your health, including risks of respiratory issues and potential disruption of cell tissues. By filtering your water, you can improve its taste and protect your well-being and the health of those you love.

Peace of Mind

Filtering your water brings a calming certainty to your everyday life. Each sip your family takes is not just refreshing, but also a testament to your commitment to their well-being. It's a peace of mind that flows as freely as the water from your tap.


Step 1. Make An Appointment

Setting up an appointment for your Hague in-home reverse osmosis water system is as simple as a phone call away. Our friendly customer service team is always ready to assist you at a time that suits you best. They'll answer any questions you may have and schedule a visit at your convenience. No red tape, no time-consuming paperwork, just a straightforward conversation to start you on your journey towards purified, safe water. With a single call, you're taking the first, easy step towards safeguarding your family's health and well-being.

Step 2. In Home Water Test & Presentation

In just 30 minutes, we will test your water for lurking impurities, such as lead, chlorine, arsenic, hardness level and other possible unhealthy elements. We will also demonstrate how the system works and where we would install your filter system for the best water possible. We go over everything including service after the sale. We then schedule your install and setup your monthly auto pay.

Step 3. Installation and Enjoy the Best Water

After we install your system, we test everything and go over any questions you may have. The process is straightforward and very low maintenance. In fact, as part of our service after the sale, we schedule follow up filter changes annually to ensure your system always keeps your water tasting as fresh and clean. You never have to get dirty changing filters or wondering if your system is working as it should be.


Do I have room for it?

Yes! Hague RO drinking water systems are designed to fit under your sink. Basement installations are sometimes an option. Our experienced technicians will determine the best possible installation.

Doesn’t my fridge filter do that?

Refrigerator filters do not “purify” your drinking water. Fridge filters do reduce some chemicals from city water and usually improve taste, they do not reduce other concerns like heavy metals.

Does an RO purifier need service?

Yes, a minimum annual service will be performed by our WQA (Water Quality Association) trained technicians, including testing, sanitizing, and replacing filters.

If I move, can I take it with me?

Of course. Depending on the circumstances it may make sense to sell your equipment with the house or possibly have us install it in your new residence.

* What about my fridge ice?

Your installation includes us filtering the water running to your fridge, which in turn, filters your ice. We make every effort to do this, however some applications may not allow for us to filter your fridge water at our normal installation point. Unfortunately, when that is the case we won't be able to give you filtered water for your fridge ice cubes.

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Ruth Vernon FACEBOOK

Ruth Vernon recommends Water of Life. Bridger Valley

I love it is definitely five stars I've had it for about going on two years now they're always there if I have questions I called them they come out for service and check on everything it's been awesome I don't have to smell chlorine in my water anymore I love it love it love it thank you Joe and your crew.

Christa Combs facebook

Christa Combs recommends Water of Life. Bear River

What a wonderful change!! I'm a water snob now... Lol! No longer have to buy distilled water or any other kind of water... AMAZING!!

Timnliz Bublitz FACEBOOK

Timnliz Bublitz recommends Water of Life. Bridger Valley

This is an awesome system, we had really hard water. Now we have the best water !!! Thank you Joe and team.

Janet Perry FACEBOOK

Janet Perry recommends Water of Life. Evanston

I love my water softener and reverse osmosis system! And the customer service if awesome!

Jacelyn Hansen, Woodruff Ut. google

Jackelyn Hansen recommends Water of Life. Woodruff

The water at our home was undrinkable, left our appliances with rust deposits, and our clothes dirty. We were referred to Water of Life and Joe Bridge by a friend who has lived locally his entire life. Joe was prompt in setting up a time to meet with us and discuss our options. Not only did he talk about their product and services, but he spent over an hour testing our water and walking us through step by step what he was doing in order to help us understand the quality of our current water system and what he could do to help us. Water of Life was very professional at all times, always wiped off and removed his shoes before entering our home, and when they installed our water softener and filtration system they lined the house with mats to walk on. It is the little things like that that impressed us most. After getting our new water system installed, we have clean safe drinking water, clean appliances, and clean clothes. We would recommend Water of Life to anyone who may need a better supply of drinking or utility water in their home. Thank you Joe, and Water of Life!

Robert Martin, was Bear River, now Rawlins google

Robert Martin recommends Water of Life. Bear River / Rawlins

I have been a customer since 2010, (water softener, Reverse Osmosis system) Joe and his team have always done a great job with the products they offer, they have serviced my system and kept it in perfect working order, even reinstalling it for me when I moved. I recently had a UV treatment system and whole home filter installed and am thankful, my city is currently undergoing a water crisis and the municipal system was compromised. Because of the systems I have from Water of Life, I am able to have safe, clean, and clear water for my family and myself. Thanks Joe, Recie and the whole team!!

Greg Jones, Evanston google

Greg Jones recommends Water of Life. Evanston

I am very happy with my experience at Water of Life. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a Water Filtration, Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis, And Air Purification for Home or Business. Overall, I had a very positive experience with Them.