Water Filter Products

Water of Life provides various types of water filter products and water purification systems to remove the harmful minerals, chemicals, or other additives that are found in Utah and Wyoming drinking water. Schedule water filter installation services today!

Types of Water Filters

The team at Water of Life are experts in determining the right water filter for your home. Every home is unique, and every city provides a different quality of water. To fit your specific needs, we provide a wide variety of filtration systems such as:

Whole Home Water Filters
Under Sink Water Filters
Countertop Water Filters
Faucet Mount Filters
And More!

If you're not sure what is in your water, Water of Life will provide an at-home assessment to analyze the state of your drinking water. Then, we can recommend a water filtration system that will serve the needs of your home. Schedule water filter installation services today.

Whole Home Water Filters

We know you don't use every tap for drinking water. Some taps you likely use for "working grade" purposes. Even so, Water of Life suggests keeping your working water as clear as possible. The easiest way to ensure clear water is with a whole home filter.

Hard, low-treated water causes damage to your appliances, plumbing fixtures, and clothes. Additionally, it will lead to itchy skin and dry hair. Even worse, hard water is hard to clean! You can spend four times as much money and time cleaning hard water stains than if you had softer water.

Chlorine's Negative Effects

Carbon water filters are designed to remove chlorine - along with other harmful chemicals and minerals - from your water. Have you used unfiltered water during your cooking process, to boil pasta water, for instance? You may have noticed a slightly-off flavor. That flavor is chlorine.

In additional to the unsavory taste, chlorinated water affects your skin and hair. Your skin soaks up chlorine when showering, leaving you itchy and uncomfortable.

Well Water Filtration

If you are using well water, we suggest first having your water inspected by a Water of Life technician. Because your water isn't treated by the city, you are responsible for its purity. After your analysis, we can determine the best water filter.

Well water is best treated with whole-house, high-efficiency water filters. They are a superior way to ensure complete water softening and filtration throughout your home. And, because well water typically has more sediment than city water, the water filters will remove the silt, too.

For more information on how to treat the water in your home or to receive a free quote on a water filtration system, contact the experts at Water of Life by calling (307) 787-6800.