Water Softeners

WaterMax® Water Softener + Filter

Say hello to better water. Fully customizable and designed with precision, WaterMax's water softener systems are user-friendly and gets you fresh, softened and filtered water from every tap in your home, every time.

A Unique Way To Treat Your Water
With our patented three-compartment design, the WaterMax can remove hardness, foul smells, bad tastes, cloudiness and discoloration from your water in a single compact system. Your dishes will be cleaner, your clothes softer, your hair shinier and your skin silkier.

System Specs:
Dimensions: 38" x 30" x 15"
25-Year Limited Warranty
WQA Certified
Softens & filters multiple contaminants all in one system
Salt monitor
Uses up to 50% less salt
Uses up to 80% less water
Reduced scale on plumbing

Maximizer 97mm Water Softener

The Hague Maximizer is a comprehensive and patented water softener system designed to provide your home with soft water and money saving opportunities. Patented, comprehensive water treatment system features a color smart touch controller, single cabinet design, and an easy-to-fill salt tank. Feel the difference with the soft water you deserve.

System Specs:
Dimensions: 30" x 15" x 19"
15-Year Limited Warranty
Built-In Bypass
Smart Touch Controller
Built-In Dirt & Sediment Filter
Safety Shut-Off

Hydroclean Water Softener

Built for any household. Versions from 0.8 to 3.3 cubic feet of water softening technology and a version for up to 18.6 gallons per minute to accommodate even the largest households. Treating water with the Hydroclean means soft water at an economical price with low voltage technology.

The Dual-Mode controller allows you to choose when your softener runs with options based on time or water usage. The flow rate is displayed while water is in use. Power outage protection ensures your settings are saved, even if the power goes out.

Add water filters to the Hydroclean to build a full system that meets your specific needs.

System Specs:
Dimensions: Varies by model
10-Year Limited Warranty
Built-In Bypass
Dual-Mode Controller
Maximum Resin Bed Depth
Power Outage Protection

Homeguard Water Softener

Small enough to fit in areas with limited space such as boats, RV's, condos and apartments, this softener is a tiny, low-maintenance powerhouse. Save time and money with built-in salt and water-saving technology. Patented packed mineral bed can eliminate the need for a second tank.

The perfect companion for your hot water heater, soften water as it enters your home to keep your plumbing scale-free and your water heater performing as efficiently as it did on day one.

System Specs:
Dimensions: 21" x 11.5" x 18.5"
10-Year Limited Warranty
Built-In Bypass
Multi-Function Controller
Absolute Brining
Built-In Dirt & Sediment Filter