With our whole house water & air system, your home feels better than new.

Improving water & air quality is all we do. Our goal in providing free home demonstrations is ensuring the safety of your water source for you and your family and protecting the valuable investment of your home.

What we do


We provide health conscience home owners with an elevated indoor living experience so they can drink, bathe and enjoy the purest water, breathe the purest air and live to truly appreciate the quality of life from their home environment.


Unlike your tap or fridge filtered water, drinking reverse osmosis filtered water is the purest form of water you can put in your body.


Remove harmful air contaminants with ActivePure® Technology shown to reduce over 99.9% of airborne particles in a minute.


Combine drinking and breathing the best water and air with a WaterMax® Softener +Filter to truly appreciate your healthy home environment.

Entire House Package


There's something magical that happens when you truly purify your drinking water & ice. You immediately know you're putting something so refreshing, so healthy into your body that you'll never go back to drinking regular tap or fridge filtered water again. Reverse osmosis is the only way to remove harmful contaminants that are left behind from city or well water systems. Our Hague RO system removes those dangerous chemicals down to 1 micron in just the first stage. To put that into perspective, a human hair is about 100 microns wide. Then the membrane reduces contaminants that are much smaller than nanometers. It actually rejects the bad molecules.

Water softener

While you're enjoying your morning shower or bath, just know that you're body is taking in the equivalent of 8 glasses of chlorinated water through your skin. Not to mention all of the other nasty chemicals, smells, hardness & discoloration left behind. Our WaterMax® Softener + Filter will leave your skin silkier, dishes cleaner, your clothes softer and your hair shinier. All of this combined with longer appliance & water heater life.

Air Purification

Have you ever tested your home's air quality? It's astounding just how much dust, pet dander, pollen and other common contaminants make their way into our homes... and into our lungs. Our Aerus ActivePure® Technology plug-in purification system eliminates all of this as well as a 99.9% reduction in airborne SARS-CoV-2 viral particles within 1 minute of operation. Consider having our air purifier system installed if you own pets with dander, such as cats or dogs; smoke or live with someone who smokes; or live in a newly constructed home where off-gassing of dangerous chemicals exist at high levels.

Whole house System

When you filter your drinking water using a Hague Reverse Osmosis system, combined with a WaterMax® Water Softener + Filter System and purify your breathing air with ActivePure® Technology... your quality of life greatly improves indoors. It's something you have to experience to truly understand the immersive differences. You and your family feel healthier, your silky smooth skin rejoices daily, your clothes feel softer, your appliances, water heater, pipes, toilets all stay cleaner and last longer. Finally, your lungs breathe easier knowing your home is a safe environment working for you 24/7 by reducing airborne and surface contaminants. It's hard to put a price on this kind of peace of mind.

why we do it

We’ve Been There

Water of Life is a family-owned and operated business serving Western Wyoming and surrounding areas for more than 25 years. We have honed our expertise in the tough well water issues of rural Wyoming and the problems created by municipal water supplies from chlorine and hardness to taste and odor.

Making better water and air is our passion. Improving water & air quality is all we do. Our goal in providing free home demonstrations is ensuring the safety of your water source for you and your family and protecting the valuable investment of your home.

You Deserve to Live in a Healthier Home

Water of Life provides a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of Green River, Rock Springs, Evanston, Wyoming and surrounding areas residents. As an authorized dealer of Hague and Aerus products for over 17 years, we can supply you with some of the best equipment on the market. You deserve to live healthier in your own home. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment for us to test and demonstrate how easy it is to have the best water and air quality available for your home or office.


No Payments for 6 Months



  • No Payments for 6 Months
  • Includes Softener/Whole House Filter Installation
  • Reverse Osmosis Installation
  • Hague WaterMax® H3500 Drinking Water System
  • Guardian Angel True HEPA, 5-stage Advanced Filtration Unit
  • WaterMax® Water Softener + Filter
  • Aerus Beyond Guardian Air Unit for up to 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Laundry Pro 2.0 Bonus!
  • Better than Life Warranty (see dealer for details)

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What they say

Ruth Vernon FACEBOOK

Ruth Vernon recommends Water of Life. Bridger Valley

I love it is definitely five stars I've had it for about going on two years now they're always there if I have questions I called them they come out for service and check on everything it's been awesome I don't have to smell chlorine in my water anymore I love it love it love it thank you Joe and your crew.

Christa Combs facebook

Christa Combs recommends Water of Life. Bear River

What a wonderful change!! I'm a water snob now... Lol! No longer have to buy distilled water or any other kind of water... AMAZING!!

Timnliz Bublitz FACEBOOK

Timnliz Bublitz recommends Water of Life. Bridger Valley

This is an awesome system, we had really hard water. Now we have the best water !!! Thank you Joe and team.

Janet Perry FACEBOOK

Janet Perry recommends Water of Life. Evanston

I love my water softener and reverse osmosis system! And the customer service if awesome!

Jacelyn Hansen, Woodruff Ut. google

Jackelyn Hansen recommends Water of Life. Woodruff

The water at our home was undrinkable, left our appliances with rust deposits, and our clothes dirty. We were referred to Water of Life and Joe Bridge by a friend who has lived locally his entire life. Joe was prompt in setting up a time to meet with us and discuss our options. Not only did he talk about their product and services, but he spent over an hour testing our water and walking us through step by step what he was doing in order to help us understand the quality of our current water system and what he could do to help us. Water of Life was very professional at all times, always wiped off and removed his shoes before entering our home, and when they installed our water softener and filtration system they lined the house with mats to walk on. It is the little things like that that impressed us most. After getting our new water system installed, we have clean safe drinking water, clean appliances, and clean clothes. We would recommend Water of Life to anyone who may need a better supply of drinking or utility water in their home. Thank you Joe, and Water of Life!

Robert Martin, was Bear River, now Rawlins google

Robert Martin recommends Water of Life. Bear River / Rawlins

I have been a customer since 2010, (water softener, Reverse Osmosis system) Joe and his team have always done a great job with the products they offer, they have serviced my system and kept it in perfect working order, even reinstalling it for me when I moved. I recently had a UV treatment system and whole home filter installed and am thankful, my city is currently undergoing a water crisis and the municipal system was compromised. Because of the systems I have from Water of Life, I am able to have safe, clean, and clear water for my family and myself. Thanks Joe, Recie and the whole team!!

Greg Jones, Evanston google

Greg Jones recommends Water of Life. Evanston

I am very happy with my experience at Water of Life. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a Water Filtration, Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis, And Air Purification for Home or Business. Overall, I had a very positive experience with Them.

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